Sunday, October 27, 2013

Re: Service Project/Presentation

Hi Ladies,
This is somewhat last minute but I wanted to ask each of you to bring 24 pieces of candy/small toy/ trinket to place in a bag for our 24 four yr olds on Tuesday. Just a little special treat to share with them. I would like to have our classes fill the bags together and talk about serving others with out gifts, time, and talents.
I will also send an email to Ben's class.
Thank you!
Remember to review your songs with your kiddos for Tuesday.
Bless you!

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On Oct 23, 2013, at 4:32 PM, Jennifer Maggio <> wrote:

> (Please send quick reply letting me know you read this)
> Hi Parents!
> Next week we will be doing our service project during Science. As always we will join with Ben's class. We will be entertaining the 4 yr old class at the church preschool. Ben's class will be presenting 2 songs and we will also sing 2 songs from Science.
> 1st: What are 5 kinds of Stars?
> 2nd: What are the names if the planets?
> Please practice these with you child so they feel very comfortable with them. Our children will be practicing all the skills we have discussed during our presentation time! Confidence, Eye Contact, Volume, Articulation, Poise, Expression, Gestures, and Tempo
> The more the better!!!
> So cool!
> This is a wonderful opportunity to serve these precious children with what we have learned. We will also sing Jesus Loves Me with the children and Ben will teach all of us the sign language!
> Questions? Please email, text, or call.
> Presentation for this week:
> We will be doing a lot of presenting next week;)
> Recite a short poem.
> Nursery rhymes and songs work singing please.
> 2-3 minutes
> Practicing all the above listed skills.
> Have a wonderful week!
> Please contact me with questions and concerns.
> Practice, Practice, Practice
> Love, Jenn
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